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Though the release dates might have been different, these albums are ordered by their catalog number. These are only the albums released under the GT label, including Phat Boy, Diamond Cut and GT Latin releases. We plan to add GT Distribution albums in the future along with all current and future releases under the catalog of New Grapetree Records and rebirth of Grapetree Records.  So be on the look out for those coming soon!

Did we miss an album? We have done our best to complete the entire GT catalog and believe this is the entire collection here. If you know of any albums that we from GT that is not on this list (please make sure its not a distributed album) then we would be grateful for any insight or knowledge you may have concerning GT.


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What was your favorite GT album? We would love to hear from you, any stories, testimonies, memories or anything you would like to share. Join the GT4E family today and reconnect with all your favorite artists from the greatest CHH label ever!


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