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Fiti Futuristic

Zach Tannehill


Jan 8, 1978

Indianapolis, IN


Deep within the heart of your city- evil lurks. Crooked Politicians, Professional Criminals, and Bling-Bling rappers roam the streets. Bad things are happening to good people. The citizens are crying for a hero to rid the land of these thugs. Well, someone has heard their cries and has come to protect them, his name is… Fiti Futuristic.

Armed with only a microphone and the prayers of concerned citizens, he dedicates his life to fighting for justice. In the places where evildoers are at work, you can see his Honda Civic traveling there at the speed of light (I guess if it was going that fast you REALLY couldn't see it, but you get the point). 

Destroying the attempts of villains everywhere, Fiti is the people's champion. Disguised as a mild mannered music missionary, Zachary Tannehill searches the land for opportunities to minister in urban outreaches (such a nice boy), but mysteriously wherever he shows up...the forces of evil are wiped out!!! Along with his sidekick -DJ Type A- they're on a mission to strike down the entities of thug rappers and negative hip hop everywhere!!!!!!

This mc incorporates a universal delivery on the mic to command the attention of all listeners. The music is not a feeble attempt to copy the world's, but instead-he cuts his own sonic path to bring the truths of JESUS CHRIST to concert goers everywhere. Whether you listen to the musical stylings of East Coast hip hop or the hard hitting thump of West Coast rap, or are not even a fan of the style, Fiti is still able to have fun with attendees through comedy, and his uncompromising style of preaching. On the eve of becoming hip hop's newest sensation, recently signing a deal with media giant Grapetree Records, he's ready to travel the U.S. on a large number of dates to bring the truth to many.

In the song, "End of the world" Fiti stresses the fact that we aren't invincible and there's more to life than getting paid and being the toughest person on the block. In, "Care to tango?" he refers to life as a dance, and asks youth the question, "who is your dance partner? GOD or the devil?" One of the other stand-out tracks is "Master Plan" where Fiti states that whether you choose to believe in GOD or not, you still are making a choice- the song was made for the dance floor.

Bringing this Ministry to your Club, Church, or Outreach is definitely guaranteed to put a new twist on your event. If there are seekers or stale believers in the audience- there will be either new commitments, or youth pressing in with the realization that being a follower of CHRIST doesn't mean you have to be a "nerd" or a "geek". Fiti looks forward to coming to your event to make a change for the better. The future is now.

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...All In A Day's Work
Fab Da Eclectic, DaFilled

Care To Tango, Um, Unemployment, Theme Song,  Earth Is Overrated, Ned Flanders




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