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Herbert "Lee" Boyd

Mr. C.R.O.W.

March 15, 1974

Portland, OR


“Don’t except false love from a man because you feel no one loves you,” CROW advises women in trouble of falling into abusive relationships. “God loves you. You do have worth. Have a vision and a focused goal.” CROW shared these words from his experiences.

CROW suffered from a self-esteem problem at an early age which led to a rebellion stage which lasted much of his life. He never directly saw much of the rebellion in his family, but at family reunions, the youngsters gathered together and shared stories of the prostitution, gang activity, and drug dealing that went on in their family. At 15 years old, CROW packed a plastic bag of clothes and left home to settle with a neighborhood friend. He challenged the authority of parents and believed he could be treated with more respect elsewhere. At his new home, the boys reigned supreme having girls over and befriended negative influences. He watched his friends take advantage of their female friends by asking them for money for themselves and CROW. He later adopted that philosophy.

“That was when I first started with the whole idea of having girls provide for me. The girl I lost my virginity to told me to never give a girl anything she wants until she gives you everything you need,” said CROW.

A few weeks later, CROW and his mother drove down the street for groceries, and they saw his girlfriend on the street corner. She was a prostitute. He and his mother never spoke a word about what they had seen. At age 16, CROW needed money to fund his dream to write a book and pursue mainstream rap music. He started making money the only way he knew how. He asked a girlfriend at the time, after beating around the bush for 45 minutes, to get some money for him. “She had no direction, no vision, and she wanted the attention I gave her,” said CROW. “She was pretty dependent on me emotionally. I asked her where she was going to be in ten years, and she said she didn’t know...She fed off my dreams.” She agreed to get him the money he wanted. That day CROW became a pimp.

Not until CROW met Silas Clark did he recognize the ugliness of his sin. CROW said he always felt unsettled about pimping, but at that time, he thought other alternatives were worse. Clark showed CROW that there were serious long-term consequences for what he was doing. Clark explained that Jesus Christ was not just a white man’s God that He was God’s son who came for all people. This peaked CROW’s interest, and he started reading the Bible, starting with Genesis. As he read, everything started to make sense. He realized the unsettled feeling he had about pimping was God telling him he was wrong. He asked God to forgive him, and he wanted Jesus to be a part of his new life from that day forth. He gave up pimping and started rapping for Christ with words to teach others from his experiences and poor decisions. He later shared with one of his “girls,” the love that he found in knowing Christ personally. She too yearned for that forgiveness and love and became a Christian by believing that Jesus is the son of God sent to take away all the sins in her life. She became a Christian that day.